Original and natural hair strand

These feather strands come from a rooster farm. Those feathers are between 20 and 24 cm for the L model, between 24 and 30 cm for the XL model and over 30 cm for the XXL model. There are at a professional standard and can resist to all sorts of treatments our hair suffers!!

Can resist to shampoo, hair dressing, hair dryer, hair straightners or curlers, hair spray, sea proof, sand proof, heat, cold, wind… EVERYTHING!

Once you wear them on, you will forget about them for at least 3 months..

How? Simple, the feathers are delivered with many pearl clips made from silicone and aluminium, you will only have to put it on a hair strand of your choice and to slide the feather in, then squeeze it with a pair of flat plyers! Have a look at this blog from Mimi’s Hair, which will explain it all:

These articles are for sell on the feather extension’s rubric ;)

Well planted strand can hold on between 2 to 3 months! You will then have to remove them using the same plyers. They can hold longer but it will become tougher to brush your hair after this period.

Once undone, the feather can be uses again!

Where to plant your feathers?

There are coolest places than others to plant your feathers!

Think about your sleeping position at night so it won’t trouble you during your sleep;)

The most popular places are the temples, behind the ears, blended in a fringe, on the sides closer to the face!

To obtain a better effect, think about fixing at least 3 feathers per pearl. Know that it’s possible to fix up to 7 thin feathers per pearl, a little less with lar.ger feathers obviously. If you take as an example the photo on the top, the lady has had 10 feathers fixed on 2 pearls in which 2 feathers are XL for a wild effect!

XL feathers are the same price as standard size feathers which can be chosen from the dropdown menu.

How to crimp them?

On a child, if you wish to keep it discreet, one single feather can be enough. However, for a special effect we do advise to put 3 feathers per pearl. If you prefer XL feathers, so one can be enough!

Caution, XL feathers can only be planted on the temples because the base is tousled


Do not hesitate fixing more than one feather per pearl and fix them at temples level or behind the ears, better than on the top of the rock :)

This is Amelie’s blog which will talk to you about her experience with feather.. and as a client!